1) Blend into any smoothie.
Chia seeds are easily blended into any smoothie. Just add a tablespoon
of them into your existing smoothie recipe and blend with the other
Because chia seeds have a “neutral” taste, they go well with fruit,
green or chocolate smoothies and even dessert blends.

2) Sprinkle onto yogurt or ice cream
Sprinkle chia seeds on top of your chosen dessert, yogurt or ice cream
for that added crunch and extra nutritional hit. This boosts the
omega-3 content of your treat and adds variety and texture to your

3) Add to any bread or baking recipe
Chia seeds are easily added to any homemade bread or baking recipe, including gluten-free mixes. The addition of chia increases the nutritional density of any recipe while also reducing the glycemic index due to the gelatinous outer coating naturally found on all chia seeds.

4) Make healthy chia-flax crackers using a food dehydrator
If you’ve used a dehydrator, you know how this works. By adding chia seeds to the recipe, it can improve the flavor and texture while adding more nutrients to the mix.

5) Add to homemade granola, trail mix recipes or cereals
If you make any of your own granola or trail mix recipes, chia seeds are the perfect ingredient because they contain significant quantities of omega-3 oils. That makes them very valuable and unique in any recipe. Plus, they’re fun to crunch! Add them to your porridge whilst cooking it or sprinkle on your favourite cereal in the morning.

6) Sprout the chia in your home sprouter
If you have a sprouting tray or system, you can also sprout chia seeds at home and eat the sprouts! Also add the sprouts to your daily smoothies, they’re delicious.

7) Use with a Blender Bottle and superfood powder to make an amazing portable superfood
Ideal for travel. Simply pre-load a Blender Bottle with your favorite superfood powders and add some chia seeds. Wherever you are, you can simply add water and shake to make an instant superfood meal. The chia seeds provides a “long burn time” energy source that helps you go longer between meals.

8) Add to any tea to make a “chia texture” tea drink
Here’s something that very few people have tried: Add a teaspoon of chia seeds to any tea beverage, then allow it to sit while the chia seeds absorb water. Within half an hour, the entire glass will become a “chia slurry” with seeds that resemble tapioca. You can drink this mixture as a delicious, low-glycemic beverage. In China and Taiwan, a similar recipe is used to make “Milk Pearl Tea.”

9) Make a cold chia cereal using buckwheat, chia, oats, dried fruits and nuts
Chia also allows you to make your own superfood cereal by combining sprouted buckwheat, chia seeds, rolled oats (or other similar grain) and fresh or dried fruits. To make it sweeter, add some natural sweetener.

Add some to your daily routine and reap the benefits of this naturally active ingredient!

Go natural, Be healthy and Look younger!