Whether you have a cold, pain in the stomach, rashes or you have cut yourself, you can find easy first aid in your kitchen. Some household remedies have proven to be effective through generations.


Use it for: Minor cuts and burns, cough and sore throat
How it works: Most of us put honey in tea to reduce pain in the throat, but for centuries it has been used to treat wounds. Studies have shown that honey helps in calming the cuts, and the recent Dutch study showed that protein defensin-1 have antibacterial properties.

Try : Apply warm honey on the place where you have cut or burn yourself  , and then protect the injured place with  gauze or a bandage and change it once a day . However, if your wound causes swelling, fever or pain, consult a doctor because you may need an antibiotic.

Use it for: sinuses, sore throat
How it works: When you drunk water with a higher concentration of salt in our body, it will cause you to draw fluid from the tissue.

Try: For a sore throat, dissolve half a table-spoon (or better sea salt) into a glass of water and just rinse the throat. For sinuses, sip the water. Use only distilled water or a boiled and cooled to room temperature.

Mint tea

Use it for: Pain in the stomach and digestion problems
How it works: The oil from the leaf and stalk of mint can soothe digestion, facilitate the flow of gases and remove obstacles. Avoid this tea if the pain is caused by reflux.

Oat flakes

Use for: eczema, burns, rashes
How it works: Oats contain phytochemicals with anti-inflammatory action which soothes itching and inflammation of the skin. Most doctors recommend using inflammatory colloidal oatmeal, but for you any kind will be useful.

Try: grind oat flakes into powder. Put them in a cup of warm water, soak them and wait 15 minutes. If you use colloidal oatmeal, then just put them directly into a cup of water.