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  • FREE FROM - Sugar, Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Allergens, Wheat and Yeast. Suitable for all diets including Vegetarians, Vegans, Keto, Paleo and Kosher.
  • ENJOY THE BLISS - Feed your mind and body and improve your mood with naturally active ingredients of Omega 3, Zinc, Iron, Vegan Protein, Phytonutrients and Serotonin.
  • EASY TO USE - Simply add to recipes for cooking, baking, cereals, porridge, power smoothies, protein bars, protein shakers and hot chocolate drink. Sprinkle on ice cream and cappuccino or anything that needs a rich dark chocolate blast!
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC and NON GMO - The highest quality available on the market, our Cacao Powder is 100% pure and nothing else. No artificial colours, additives, chemicals or preservatives and Non GMO. Simply delicious and full of goodness.
  • TESTED - Each batch is thoroughly tested for pesticides, heavy metals and microbiological organisms and fully compliant with EU Regulations.


100% Organic Cacao Powder. Free from artificial colours, binders, fillers, preservatives and additives. Non GMO.


Add to raw or baking recipes, smoothies, hot drinks, porridge and anything that requires a rich chocolate taste.

Organic Cacao Powder 200g – Premium quality for your health


Our Organic Cacao Beans are grown in the rich soils of Africa. The best Cacao beans are harvested, broken apart and left to ferment and dry before being washed, broken into small pieces called nibs, then cold-pressed to remove the fat (cacao butter). The remaining part of the bean is used to produce cacao powder. Recently recognised as a highly nutritious Superfood, it is a versatile ingredient for making power smoothies, raw chocolate protein bars, hot drinks, cakes, desserts, ice cream and anything that needs a rich chocolate flavour. It’s Kosher and ideal for Vegans and Vegetarians.

*It is free from Sugar, Gluten, Dairy, Wheat, Yeast, Soy, Artificial Preservatives and is non GMO.

Health Benefits:

Magnesium: One of the top 10 ranked superfood to strengthen bones, relax muscles and improve heart health.

• Protein: High in vegan plant protein with 25.8g per 100g. Ideal for post workout shakes and delicious.

• Calcium: Essential for strong bones and teeth.

• Vitamin C: Supports the immune system and relieves exhaustion and stress.

• Iron: To oxygenate the blood and reduce fatigue. An ounce of the Raw Cacao has 6% of the recommended daily iron intake.

• Antioxidant: Rich in flavonoids to fight free radicals and improve the absorption of Vitamin C and Iron.

• Fibre: With 13 grams per 1 ounce. Helps to lower blood cholesterol and keep bowels regular.

• Mood Improver: Contains many Phyto-Nutrients including Theobromine to improve mood and make you feel great.

Enjoy the benefits of this naturally active vegan chocolate ingredient. Go natural, Be healthy and Look younger!