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  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Made from the extracted natural oil of premium Peruvian Cacao beans providing high quality nutrients and chocolate flavour to all your recipes.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL DIETS: Vegan, Keto, Paleo, Kosher and Diabetics. Free from sugar, dairy, gluten, soy, allergens and food grade Cacao bliss superfood.
  • VERSATILE - Easy to use. Add our cocoa butter drops to any recipe you want as a butter or oil substitute.
  • CERTIFIED ORGANIC and NON GMO - The highest quality available on the market, our Cocoa Butter is 100% pure and nothing else. No artificial additives or preservatives. It’s pure goodness and simply delicious for your health and enjoyment.
  • TESTED - Each batch is thoroughly tested for heavy metals and microbiological organisms and fully compliant with EU Regulations.


100% Pure Organic Cocoa Butter


Add to baking ingredients

Organic Cocoa Butter 200g

NO BAKE – Sweet & Creamy Vegan Chocolate cupcakes

Cacao cocoa powder nibs cocao cacoa paste mass drops buttons vegan organic sugar dairy soy free
  • No bake
  • Vegan
  • Delicious


1 cup Nutri Superfoods Organic Cocoa Butter drops.

3-5 tbsp agave syrup (or maple syrup).

1/2 cup Nutri Superfoods Organic Cacao or Cocoa powder.

1 pinch of salt.

1 tsp of vanilla extract (optional).

Nutri Superfoods Organic Cacao Nibs for decoration (optional).


1. Melt the Nutri Superfoods Cocoa Butter with a double boiler and remove from heat.

2. Add from 3 to 5 agave tbsps (depending on how sweet you want your chocolate) and mix it with until it gets fully combines.

3. Add Nutri Superfoods organic cacao or cocoa powder, vanilla (optional), and sea salt (optional), and whisk to combine until there are no clumps.

4. Taste and adjust flavor as needed.

5. Carefully pour chocolate into cupcake moulds and sprinkle with Cacao Nibs. Let it set in the refrigerator.