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We are a group of jolly friends, or “HEALTH QUEENS” as we like to call ourselves, with great passion and enthusiasm for health, nutrition and sustainable living.

We wholeheartedly believe that Health is Wealth and would love to share our passion and knowledge with you.

We are constantly seeking and exploring new ways to incorporate a healthy, balanced diet and caring for the environment into our busy schedules as mothers, wives, friends and business women.

Hence, we lovingly and respectfully work with Mother Nature and choose to fuel our bodies with healthy, nutritious, life giving food. Where possible, we grow our own foods and source products that reflect our philosophy – Food is your health, life and medicine.

Our mission is to inspire you to join us on this journey as we bring you the best sustainable products which are ethically grown, easy to use and will provide you with maximum health benefits with minimum effort. Fuel your body, not Fill your body.

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