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Our Best Vegan Powders are Certified Organic, non GMO, are free from gluten, wheat, soya, dairy, sugar and artificial sweeteners and are suitable for all diets including Vegans and Kosher.

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Satisfied customer reviews

Bought this as an ‘add on’ and so glad I did. The powder is so much more versatile than the nibs. Lovely follow up email from the seller with some great ideas which I am trying out! Great value & terrific service!

Absolutely fantastic product for a reasonable price. I’ve been trying to move away from ordinary milk chocolate and consume raw cacao instead. I would recommend mixing these with other foods or smoothies as they can be quite bitter on their own. I use it with museli, smoothies and even salads! Cannot get enough!

These are fantastic, they taste great, like the best quality chocolate without sugar and dairy. All that pleasure with no guilt and they’re healthy too. I’ve bought more and plan to continue buying.